Academic Policy

SouthTech Academy Standard

Players who are students at SouthTech Academy must meet special criteria to participate in rugby activities that take place on campus. They must not be on academic or behavioral contract. They must also attend all academic tutoring sessions that pertain to them, in lieu of rugby activities, if such sessions overlap. Exemptions from these criteria can only be gained through specific administrative approval.

General Academic Standard

The Boynton Rugby academic standard is based on a cumulative 2.0 GPA, which players must maintain in order to be in Good Academic Standing. This status qualifies them as eligible for all levels of participation without conditions. If at anytime a player falls below a cumulative 2.0 GPA, they are considered to be on Academic Probation.

Academic Probation

Any player on Academic Probation must sign an Academic Contract and participate in our Tutoring Project. The first semester of probation does not carry any participation limitations, but those who remain on probation into a second semester are ineligible for travel team practices and games. Those who remain on probation beyond that are ineligible for matrix games.

Academic Contract

Academic Contracts will be written and signed during Parent-Teacher-Student meetings. Based on a collaborative analysis of academic weaknesses, they will include recommendations for academic improvement and commitment to academic goals. They will be brought to every Project Session, and will serve as the guiding element for students in our Tutoring Project.

Tutoring Project

All players on Academic Probation must participate in the Tutoring Project component of our bi-monthly Project Sessions. Players in the Tutoring Project must study for courses in which they are performing below average. Boynton Rugby devotes itself to mentoring these students and providing them with the best tutoring assistance its resources can provide.

College Prep Project

The College Prep Project component of our bi-monthly Project Sessions is designed to enhance college readiness, facilitate admission and scholarship processes, and initiate relationships with rugby recruiters. Boynton Rugby devotes itself to preparing and guiding its players into college rugby programs, and helping place them in their preferred university.