Core Values

Boynton Beach Rugby is committed to the established core values expressed in its BEAST Creed. We believe in the power of rugby to transform youth through a character-building process that revolves around these values. We are dedicated to teaching them with frequency, explicitness, and  enthusiasm. Daily attention to recurrent positive messages turns a mantra into a way of training, playing, and living, extending values beyond rugby days and rugby careers. Values-strong examples are showcased and celebrated, and all players become ambassadors of values-based expectations.


We believe in the power of rugby to form a brotherhood of robust, permanent friendships that transcend all differences. Acceptance and toleration enhance cultural awareness and the celebration of athletic, racial, religious, political, and economic diversity. Community cross-sections create unique social interactions that intensify an already uncommon sports-culture solidarity. Rugby clubs become family groups that look out for the well-being and development of all members, and rugby's unifying spirit builds a special camaraderie and shared enthusiasm that links players world-wide.


We believe in the power of rugby to develop principled, ethical decision-making and behavior. Hard, tough sport with strict yet fair structure and laws provokes self-control and honesty in a competitive environment. Individuality and free-thinking operate in conjunction with obedience to the formal laws and official authority of the referees and governing body. Rugby generates a responsibility and accountability for personal integrity and moral substance, traits that produce civic-mindedness and productive citizenship.


We believe in the power of rugby to enhance academic achievement and college and career readiness. Academic tracking and tutoring familiarizes student-athletes with the complimentary relationship between school and sport. GPA goal-setting and recognition reinforces the importance of academia. Monitoring coursework and certifications enables mentors to initiate appropriate collegiate and career opportunities. The current mainstreaming of rugby is incredibly conducive to the pursuit of college scholarships and matriculation into university programs.


We believe in the power of rugby to foster respectful behavior towards teammates, opponents, referees, coaches, fans, teachers, laws and traditions. Players are honored by the challenge of worthy opposition, and share a mutual esteem for their fellow rugby players, regardless of the color of their jersey. They are humble and gracious in victory and dignified in defeat. They play to win, but not at all costs, and put a premium on obeisance to the laws of the game and decisions of referees. Respectful behavior learned on the rugby field translates to kind, courteous lives beyond.


We believe in the power of rugby to create a strong commitment to teamwork, intensifying the maturation of a variety of beneficial traits. The dynamics of rugby make it one of the most team oriented sports in the world. Players develop selfless cooperation, shared leadership roles, and integrated work ethics. The unique sense of team stirs exceptional dedication to discipline, focus, and improvement. It brings forth a special resilience and tenacity, an indomitable motivation and confidence. It allows for the realization of a fuller potential, in rugby and in life, than any player can achieve alone.