To expand athletic and academic opportunity through the sport of rugby, in a fun, healthy, character-building system that focuses on established core values.


Boynton Beach Rugby Inc. is a 100% volunteer driven non-profit organization. There are no paid Directors, Officers, Coaches, or Employees. There is no monetary or material benefit to any administrative leaders or support personel. Boynton Rugby takes great pride in its role as a public service provider, and enjoys the process of enriching the lives of our community's student-athletes. Most of its volunteers are rugby veterans who relish the experience of giving back, growing the game, and impacting youth in a positive way. They are joined by parents who wish to more closely share in the execution of our mission and its affirmative influence on their children.

Economic Inclusion

Boynton Rugby has a NO-COST membership and player participation policy for maximum economic inclusion. We recognize that members of low income families deserve the opportunity to play and enjoy rugby, and oftentimes are those who benefit most from it. Our goal is to minimize the financial barriers that may deny student-athletes from the mutiple benefits of rugby. All of our operating costs are covered by team fundraising, private donations, and corporate sponsorships.

Athletic Inclusion

Boynton Rugby is structured as both a local league and a travel team, providing two tiers of participation and competition for maximum athletic inclusion. We recognize that developing athletes deserve the opportunity to play and enjoy rugby, and oftentimes are those who benefit most from it. Our goal is to create more rugby for more players at each age group. Our internal matrix teams create more roster space and game time for developing players, and preserve the higher commitment and performance levels of the travel team.

School Partnerships

Boynton Rugby is devoted to establishing strong, lasting partnerships with our local schools. Through academic and athletic roles, schools facilitate socialization, health and wellness, character building, good citizenship and many other benefits that parallel the mission statement and core values of our organization. Boynton Rugby strives to further increase student-athlete exposure to these benefits, and believes that partnering with local schools will compound the effects of this shared goal.

Project Sessions

Through our bi-monthly Project Sessions, Boynton Rugby is committed to providing our student-athletes with a variety of engagements for enhancing academic performance and community involvement. The Tutoring Project assists students with difficult coursework. The College Prep Project helps students with college readiness and applications. The Community Service Project allows students to organize local efforts. The Refereeing and Coaching Projects groom players for the certifications they will need to become the next generation of rugby leaders!