Pre-registration Policy

You do not need to register until after you attend your first practices and decide that you like the sport and want to play. Your first practices are considered introductory clinics, and only require a player paperwork packet. Once you decide you want to play rugby, then you must complete your official USA Rugby registration. Further explanation and directions are in the information boxes below.

Why We Register

It is mandatory for all youth (high school and below) rugby clubs and players in Florida to register with the Florida Youth Rugby Union. Membership in the FYRU automatically includes membership in the national govorning body, USA Rugby. These organizations provide us with structural services, referees, and access to relevant rugby leagues, tournaments, events, and all-star programs. They also provide us with liability insurance and accidental injury supplemental insurance.

Registration Fees

FYRU registration costs $54 for players between ages 8-13, and $64 for players between ages 14-18. Although Boynton Beach Rugby Inc. has a no-cost player membership and participation policy, we encourage families that are financially able, to take care of the registration process and fees themselves. This allows precious financial resources to be used on club expenses that benefit all players collectively, such as training equipment and game uniforms. However, those players who do need financial assistance should contact one of our administrators.

Preparing to Register

Before you sit down to register, you should make sure you have the following information and documents ready:

1. Player's name, age, grade, birthdate, school, phone, email and residential address

2. Parents name, phone, email and residential address

3. Digital headshot photo against a white background

4. Digital photo of birth certificate or drivers licence or identification card (school ID is NOT sufficient)

5. Health insurance company name and policy number

6. Family doctor's name and phone number

7. Debit card for online payment

Registration Instructions

You must register through the FYRU web site. The USA Rugby web site will NOT allow Florida YOUTH players to register!

1. Go to

2. On the Home Page click the "Register Now - Player Registration" button.

3. On the Registration Page, under Player Membership Registration Links, click "U9 to U19 - Registration".

4. Then follow directions, entering information and uploading documents where required.

5. When asked to select your club, high school boys need to select 'Boynton Beach Boys Rugby', high school girls need to select 'Boynton Beach Girls Rugby', and all boys and girls below high school need to select Boynton Beach Youth Rugby.

6. When uploading documents, a red "X" in the documents chart means the upload was SUCCESSFULL.

7. If documents do not load because they are too big, try cropping them down or reducing their quality.

8. Print the confirmation receipt at the end for your record, and safely store your log-in info and membership #.