High School practices for both boys and girls players are every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30pm to 5:30pm on Field 1 at Caloosa Park 1300 SW 35th Ave. Boynton Beach FL 33426. Optional pre-practice touch games usually start by 3:00pm, and are highly recommended for extra experience and fitness! Saturdays are gamedays once the competitive season begins, but until then we use them for preseason practices and scrimmages. September through December is considerd the Fall or Pre-season, and consists of school club team games, and friendly games against other travel teams. January through April is the Spring or Regular season, and consists of continuing school club games, and competitive league games against other travel teams. If we qualify, the playoffs for the travel team state championship are usually in March. If we win the state, we advance to the regional championships out-of-state, which are usually in April.

Paperwork and Registration:

You do not need a school athletic packet. But you do need to print out and complete our Boynton Rugby Waiver. It can be found at www.boyntonrugby.org/paperwork. Fill it out with your parents and bring it to your first practice. 

What to Wear and Bring:

Wear athletic shirts and shorts that you are not afraid to get dirt or grass stains on. Wear cleats, or sneakers if you do not have cleats yet. Soccer cleats are best. Bring a mouthpiece if you have one. Bring 2$ to buy one at practice if you do not already have one. Mouthpieces should not cover the outside of your lips, and if you wear braces they should cover both your top and botton braces. Bring plenty of water! Three small bottles or one big jug is usually considered a minimum. Wear or bring sunscreen. Even if you are dark, suncreen is a big help in counteracting the energy drain that the sun causes. It is also smart to bring a plastic garbage bag, so that if it rains you can cover your sideline bag and protect your dry clothes and cell phones. Do not wear any watches, jewelry, or hats. These items can be broken or lost during practice.

Financial Costs:

Practices are free. You can train and learn for as long as you like without any fees. However, most are training to play, and all players must eventually register with our governing body, USA Rugby, in order to play in a scrimmage or league match. We will let you know when it is time to register. Registration is done online once a year and costs 65$, none of which goes to our program. That fee covers players for an entire year of games, and the money covers services rendered by our governing body, such as referees and liability insurance. Those families who have economic hardships are encouraged to ask us about our player sponsorships. Some players after prooving their committment and economic need may qualify for such assistance. The only other costs are for your personall kit items. Rugby shorts and trainer tops are 15$ each, rugby socks are 5$ a pair, and school rugby club tshirts are 15$. The travel team and each school club team has its own gameday jerseys. The club has sets of these that are loaned out on gameday, but also allows players to put in personall orders if they want one to keep.


It is best if players can arrange their own transportation to and from Caloosa Park. Typically students find a ride with friends after school, and then get picked up by parents on their way home from work at 5:30pm. We do have multiple students who drive to Caloosa Park from all high schools, and they have empty seats for new players. If you need help getting to Caloosa Park after school, please let us know, and we will help pair you up with these drivers.


Our organization is structured as both a community travel team, known as the Boynton Bulldogs, and a school clubs league. We are partnered with multiple local high schools, which have their own on-campus rugby clubs, and field their own school club teams within our system. All players from all schools however are on the same travel team and practice together. School club team games are every three weeks or so, and are played locally. Travel team games are the weekends in between, and alternate home and away, with away games all over the state. All players participate in school club game events all the time. Travel team game events are selective, but everyone eventually rotates through the rosters.

What is Rugby?

The sport of Rugby combines football's physicality with soccer's continuous free-flow movement. It is a full contact team sport that develops maximum fitness and multiple skill sets. Every player gets to pass, kick, catch, carry and tackle as they fill both offensive and defensive roles. Rugby is the second most played sport in the world, and the fastest growing sport in the United States. There are over 30 highschool rugby programs in South Florida, whose players go on to play at the University, Amateur and Professional levels.